BKN Bldg.,Mc Arthur Hi-Way, Camachilles, 2010 Mabalacat, Pampanga Philippines

FDSA Aviation College of Science and Technology Inc.


FDSA Aviation College of Science and Technology Inc. is one of the country’s premiere institution and model of excellence in aviation, science and technology education. It upholds the highest standard in all the programs of instruction, research and flight training to meet the demands for world – class Engineers, Technicians, Pilots, Flight Crew /Airlines Managers.


  • To provide quality education and training programs using adequate resources to achieve sustainable development in the industry.
  •  To strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities to improve their quality of life.
  • To promote the spiritual, physical, moral, intellectual and professional advancement of the students, faculty and staff.
  • To conduct aviation research and development in order to support and enhance technology education, generate new knowledge, develop new technologies, improve existing and industrial development

Core Values

  1. FAITH – above all is our faith to God, to provide us the knowledge, understanding and wisdom, to carry on our mission and vision.
  2. DUTY – First and foremost the duties in our assigned position with complete transparency and honesty.
  3. SERVICE – Without any reservation and partially extending our services to students, parents and to the community with dignified commitment and responsiveness to the public interest over and above personal interest.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY – Our institution is accountable to parents, students, Board of trustees and to the Government agencies implementing educational programs according to the mandated Philippine Educational Acts and other related educational laws.


In April 20, 2014 the President / CEO and founder Aeronautics, Engr. JUANITO M. DELA CRUZ a proud Kapampangan and born in Mabalacat Pampanga, In April 21-22, 2014 meet the three Japanese partners and also a Board of Investors namely HISAO TANAKA, HISADA NOBUYUSHI and TAKUJI KANDA a set of board meeting for this institution to be formed as a School Incorporation.

On the 8th day of May 2014, the school was incorporated with the registered name FDSA AVIATION COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INC., with SEC Reg. No. CS201407871 and COMPANY TIN#008-762- 171 with the official address BKN Bldg. Mc Arthur Hi-way Brgy. Camachiles, Mabalacat City 2010, Pampanga. The School now offers several courses in the field of aviation not only Flight and Ground training courses but also Technical and Degree courses in aviation. Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and Technical Education Skills and Development
Authority (TESDA) Regulation in Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance in Technology, Bachelor of Science in Avionics Technology, Bachelor of Science in Airline Operation Management, Bachelor of Science in Air Transportation, Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Ladderized), Avionics Technology (Ladderized) under TESDA Regulation: Information Communication and Technology, Computer Programming NC II, Computer hardware Servicing NC II, Tourism Promotion Services NC II, Travel Services NC II, Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II and Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II.
The School now offers several courses in the field of aviation not only Flight and Ground Training Courses but also Technical and Degree courses in aviation. These are under the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines ( CAAP ) & Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA). Today, with the continuous assistance and recognition of our school by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) formerly Air Transportation Office (ATO)– -the management’s principles, objectives, and vision are attainable.

Meanwhile Engr. Juanito M. Dela Cruz the President he receive a merit award as a MOST OUTSTANDING AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER of 2013,with the recognition given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). For his significant participation in the approval of Presidential Decree 1570,otherwise known as “The Philippine Aeronautical Engineering Decree” which regulate the practice of Aeronautical degree of professional competence with integrity and commitment as former president and Board Director of the Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines: for his exceptional dedication un the advancement of the profession with his unparalleled contributions in aeronautical research, design modification and improvement of aircraft, aeronautical equipments, systems and aircraft inspection standards: for amply showing outstanding professional practice in the development of BN-Islander including the design of its retractable landing gear and hydraulic systems and the production assembly methods and techniques of KITFOX aircraft: for his outstanding achievements in the academe as a dedicated and efficient educator and aviation school administrator and, for his social commitment.


Engr. Juanito M. Dela Cruz

President/Accountable Manager

Juanito N. Dela Cruz Jr.

Administrative Officer

Citabell G. Malonzo

Head of Academic & Student Affairs

Tanaka Hisao

VP Marketing/Board of Investor

Noboyushi Hisad

Board of Investor

Takuji Kanda

Board of Investor


BKN Bldg., Mc Arthur Hi-Way,Camachilles, 2010 Mabalacat, Pampanga Philippines

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